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We start on the high-speed train from Madrid to Valencia, with landscapes flashing by at 300 kph -- a photographic challenge. We continue on scenic Valencia beach. Then we take in the traditional elegance of the Old City, followed by psychedelic bubbles. Hyper-modern architecture awaits in The City of Arts and Sciences. We finish at the beach. The light in Valencia is clear, bright, and sharp, lending extra luster to colorful sights and scenes already delightful to the eye.
landscape 1 at 300 kphlandscape 2 at 300 kphlandscape 3 at 300 kphlandscape 4 at 300 kphlandscape 5 at 300 kphlandscape 6 at 300 kphlandscape 7 at 300 kphlandscape 8 at 150 kphlandscape 9 at 150 kphlandscape 10 at 300 kphblur of beach flowersValencia beach 1Valencia beach 2Valencia beach 3Valencia marina 1Valencia marina 2 -- reflected mastsValencia beach 4: sunriseElegancia, Plaza de la Reinavista 1, Miguelete towervista 2, Miguelete tower

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